Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Thanks to the person who truly have served as my inspiration to continue writing and being active in the Blogging world, Adam Gallagher.
It’s so seldom that I could update this poor site because I have a problem in terms about what I am going to post or in other words, I really have no photos to post this time. I hate my brother somehow for recklessly dropping down my camera that my aunt from Dubai has given me. Well, enough of the hatred side, I am just so so happy right now to post this wonderful activity up which I recently did with my very good friends, Ciara Richie and Aynstein. Long enough I have been dying asking Aynstein (he’s actually my Uncle to the 2nd Degree, but it happened Im older than him so we don’t consider each other having this Uncle-Nephew relationship, We call each other “Agaw”, which means cousin.. Just saying hehe )to give us a little time so we could do a photo shoot together. I guess this guy’s hectic schedule is really tight that I took him 12 months I guess before he’ve finally responded to the request. So, yes. The photo shoot was finally coming into realization and yesterday we just seized the day that was given to us. Ciara (my very close childhood friend) and I have been so insecure about those people on LB.nu with their wonderful fashion photographs, and I can’t sleep with that thought. Lookbook is such a big inspiration to me. It drives me to keep the artist- side of me active and alive. Probably if all other sites on the internet like facebook will come to end, like it will shut down as what the ignorant people always worry about.. well I already know a place to go or visit to, LOOKBOOK.NU. I actually wanted to have a vintage look because that is basically what is on the trend. People on LB are like crazies hopping in to 80’s 90’s outfits; well at least they’re crazily wonderful. I just love those people whose guts are simply unyielding. I end up with this three kinds of looks, and unfortunately there’s only one that’s vintage. I hope you guys would hype/comment/heart them on Lookbook, please give me a little happiness :) I wish I can keep up writing on my blog, Im afraid it will take me weeks before I could write again because I will be busy with other stuffs, like finding a job and eventually, becoming busy with job. Whatever. Maybe I will still spend time with this lookbook craze in me, because as long as I have the sanity to cover up and dress up, I sure know I need LB to find ideas for what’s on trend now on this fast changing world of fashion. Have a nice day, don’t forget to hype me on Lookbook.nu in case you find these looks alright! Have a great day! ^_^

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


One of my friends, very close to my heart have gone somewhere out of the country for his apprentice thingy which he needs to comply to for his college course. And after la couple of years, he finally have come back. This made us all so happy because this means that we will have loads of fun, again. Another memorable days await for all of of us. And to speak about memorable stuffs, here are some photos which we have got during our Mountain trekking. Since december 2010 we have been climbing up mountains, and since then we all have liked the activity so we agreed to do it every chance we get.

Monday, October 3, 2011



This is my first blog and I don't even know if this will be successful. I am too hooked to Lookbook these past weeks and I've seen people on the site talking about their blogs, and I thinking maybe its about time that I should make one too. Well, this photo was taken when my friends and I agreed to sweat out by trekking the mountain near where I live. Its a a good thing we lived in a place where you can embrace nature. I've been with my boy buddies which we named ourselves as Lomi Boys :) It was a lot of fun since we started out the trek 4 am and the air was just so cold. Well, this is just a testing, lol. I hope to update this blog thingy more often.....